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Life coach and grand-master (9th Dan) of Chinese martial arts and meditation with over 40 years of experience in training individuals and groups, specializing in:



Improving the quality of life

Personal development

Creating business & entrepreneurial success


Back in 1989, I established Yalon College for kung fu, tai chi & qi gong, including international branches in Europe and Africa. 


My volunteer work includes serving at the rank of major as a Krav Maga senior instructor in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) as well as for the special units in the Israeli police, at the rank of superintendent. 

I am dedicated to spreading and using the practical, useful knowledge, acquired by a unique combination of Chinese martial arts and life circumstances, to help people improve their quality of life. Throughout my career, I have been working to assist individuals and companies alike to better understand themselves, their motives, abilities and provide them with practical tools to achieve their goals. 


During my career, I participated as a specialist, speaker, and teacher in many functions across the globe, for example, the World 1st Convention for Science, Sports, and Forensic Medicine - lecture and demonstration at the opening session; Israeli Health Channel - Tai chi & Meditation expert; Rambam Hospital, Pain Relief Unit - professional consultant for Medical Tai Chi for therapists course; UNESCO seminar - 'The safe school model & Goju martial arts and various commercial companies as a lecturer for improving management skills.


Full resume including championship titles, published research, and achievements. 

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