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Roi More,
Entrepreneur and Owner of a Private Equity

In my meetings with Yaron I receive the opportunity to develop a set of tools that accompany me in my ongoing business activities. Developing power-driven from relaxation, channeling attention to multiple channels... while coordinating responses to complex and dynamic situations - all these form a perfect simulation for the daily business challenges we meet.


M.I. Gur,

Magistrate Court Judge

Tai Chi practice has many benefits... it has improved my coordination, motor function, balance and memory... eases back pain, helps to breath properly and mostly helps with inner peace. However, beyond that, learning with Yaron is a powerful experience... with great wisdom, patience and talent he explains each thought behind each move... (the lessons' time) are like an island of sanity, relaxation and pure enjoyment.


Prof. Israel Kim,

Retired Head of Criminology Dept. Beit Berel Academic College

Grand master Benyamini is my teacher and master to martial arts as well as good friend and colleague to joint academic research. Together we developed a system to shaping behavior in anger management and mental flexibility. It is a holistic approach incorporating theory and useful practices.  Our research demonstrated that the system has substantial, proven benefits. ..

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